WG Services offers professional leather repair service in sydney. Call us for leather repair service in sydney.
Car Detailing
We have many years experience of aesthetic solutions in the European Prestige car market, servicing local dealerships has been a success by using the best techniques, equipment and chemicals in the international market.
All the cleaning products are acid and silicone free to ensure a quality with no corrosion to the wheels and brake calipers, and no silicone residue which could be an issue for panel repair.
WG Services offers professional leather repair service in sydney. Call us for leather repair service in sydney.
Leather & Vinyl Repair
We use the wide range of leather and vinyl repair technologies from Vinylpro USA with 30 years of experience. Car sets can be damaged by scratches and cracks, we use a filling compound welding techniques repair by Vinylpro. The finish job can be as new according to the initial damage.
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A natural slate roof is stone and is the hallmark of an
extraordinary home, pulled from the earth and worked down into shingles. Since it is natural it is eco friendly and causes no harm to the environment. It is
incredibly durable, waterproof, and fireproof. But these natural slates are
fragile and can be brittle and easily damaged by hail, flying debris or even
foot traffic on the roof. So when you call off for AC repairs or anything else
make sure you warn the person climbing up as they can break the tiles and
installing the broken tiles is not an easy job chicago slate roof co
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